Radiant comfort specialists

Since 1984, Eurotherm has been manufacturing, selling, and installing highly efficient hydronic radiant systems. Throughout thirty years of experience and collaboration with major universities, solutions are born and developed to make surfaces "active" and transform the floor, ceiling, and walls into invisible and soundless comfort equipment, both in heating and cooling.

Today Eurotherm plays a big part within E-group, a group of companies that built up an entire radiant system’s supply chain: from project design to overall production, further to installation and assembly.

The production plants are located in Bolzano, Verolanuova (BS) and Kleve (Germany) that complied with highest quality standards, moreover, all systems are certified in the field to ensure maximum transparency in the design phase.



Commitment to innovation

Research & Development are the keys to our innovation: a continuous improvement on product range without ever losing sight to meet the real needs of residential and tertiary markets. Our goal? Raising the level of environmental comfort and energy saving with solutions that meet the IoT challenge. To that end the Smart Radiant was born, a technological ecosystem consisting of both the running plants and the SmartComfort and SmartOne control units.

The smart radiant has been developed and patented by Eurotherm, it allows you to automatically manage the climate control of one or more rooms:

  • regulates the heating, cooling and air treatment functions (dehumidification, filtration, sanitization)
  • memorizes usage patterns and guarantees maximum comfort all year round, eliminating waste.
  • Thanks to a dedicated App, it is also possible to remotely monitor and manage the system, just through Smartphone (Android and iOS).

Commitment to customers

The quality of our products is not our only objective. We believe it is fundamental to enhance it by investing time and energy in an accurate, complete, and constant service. That is why we support our customers, step by step, in the choice of the most appropriate solution for their design and comfort needs.

  • Consulting support to designers, plumbers, and individuals.
  • Estimation and measuring of the system.
  • Customer care and after-sales services.

Commitment to the environment

Running business in a sustainable way, respecting environmental balance, is part of our mission. These are the actions with which we are committed to achieving it:

  • Plants and offices are powered with energy produced by hydroelectric power plants, solar, wind, geothermal, hydraulic and biomass plants.
  • We have renewed the company fleet with the latest generation of electric machines and positioned special recharging stations.
  • We have distributed metal water bottles to employees as an incentive to reduce plastic consumption and safety shoes made with 70% recycled material.
  • We have included recyclable plastic cups in vending machines to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • We have invested in the separate collection of civil and industrial waste with a project that aims to codify the procedure in order to further strengthen it.

Commitment to quality

The radiant systems for floor, ceiling and wall constitute a wide range of highly qualified, life-long guaranteed products, that able to satisfy all design and construction requirements. Both in heating and cooling, the radiant systems eliminate the "vices" of the traditional air conditioning systems and create a healthy and uniform climate, without thermal shocks and draughts.


Radiant floor systems

The wide range of radiant floor systems proves to be the most suitable choice to fulfil all design requirements and to invest in sustainable solutions to optimise comfort, in workplaces, school buildings, clinics, commercial services, historical buildings and residential buildings.


Radiant ceiling systems

Functionality and aesthetics, acoustic performance, system integration and flexibility are the strengths of the ceiling range, a solution that is highly appreciated both in the residential sector and by companies interested in enhancing their offices with a healthy climate and without energy waste.




Smart control

SmartComfort 365 (multi-zone) and SmartOne 365 (single zone) are the intelligent control system integrated in Eurotherm radiant systems. They are equipped with voice control and allow to remotely manage the functions of on, regulation and off through the app. The system learns and stores the user's usage habits and communicates with external environmental conditions, recalibrating in real time according to the weather.


Distribution (collectors and distribution)

Collectors and piping are manufactured in Eurotherm factories to the highest standards of quality and safety, both to support and optimise the work of the installer and to ensure the best performance of the systems. The range is full of innovative solutions such as the Screw&Lock system and the AFC valve insert for automatic flow control.


Air treatment

The Deuclima range of machines for controlled mechanical ventilation is developed to integrate with radiant systems and act effectively on the dehumidification, filtration and sanitation of indoor air, a primary comfort factor.


Eurotherm radiant systems safer and guaranteed without time limit by ITAS Insurance company. Eurotherm extends the warranty for defects or original faults to the entire life of the radiant system on all products in its wide range.