Research and development

To provide the highest quality, advanced radiant heating and cooling solutions to meet our customers‘ every need. This is the Eurotherm objective and one which is pursued thanks to the sector‘s huge technical potential and our continuous investment in Research & Development of new materials and new technologies. Over the years, our engineers have registered several patents that have given significant impetus to the sector‘s development, opening up new and exciting application possibilities: radiant floor systems but also wall and ceiling systems, controlled by cutting edge technology designed to work with the rhythm of the seasons.

The manufacture of all components at the company‘s production plant allows significant advantages in terms of flexibility of supply and speed of delivery. Products are designed, tested and manufactured entirely by the Eurotherm team to ensure high functionality and performance. Constant and strict controls guarantee the quality of every single item.

Internal production
  • Leonardo plasterboard milling
  • 2 - Smooth panel laminating
    Smooth panel laminating
  • Thermoforming
  • EPS moulding
  • Plastic moulding
  • Lathe machining

Collaborations with associations and partners
Construction Cluster and lean construction

TIS is a centre for technological innovation, cooperation and sharing for anyone from the Alto Adige region in northern Italy who believes in sustainable innovation. Eurotherm is an active member of the TIS initiative and its expertise on low-consumption radiant heating systems is an important contribution to the Construction Cluster.

New technologies and applications

The European Academy of Bolzano (EURAC) is a private research and training facility that welcomes researchers from all over Europe. Eurotherm contributes to interdisciplinary projects related in particular to the development of technologies for modern living, in a wider European and international context.

Build 4 Future Project

Eurotherm is part of the Build4Future collaboration project, initiated by the Fraunhofer Innovation Engineering Center. The project involves the main companies of the region creating a sustainable chain of value for the buildings of the Alto Adige. The aim of the project is to develop innovative methods and strategies for constructing buildings that are tailored to the needs of the end customer.

Together for the Solar Decathlon

Eurotherm and the Free University of Bolzano worked side by side to develop the prototype of the "MED IN ITALY" eco-home, which finished third in the international competition Solar Decathlon Europe 2012. The Leonardo radiant ceiling was chosen as the heating and cooling system.

Research projects and certifications

For many years Eurotherm and the University of Padua have engaged in a lively exchange of expertise that has contributed to the development of the radiant market in Italy. Important studies on technologies and materials are conducted in the Technical Physics Department, along with product certification.

The radiant consortium Q-RAD

On 29 February 2012 Q-RAD, the Italian Consortium for Manufacturers of Quality Radiant Systems, which brings together some of the most important companies operating in the Italian radiant heating and cooling sector, was founded.

The Consortium aspires to be a valuable point of reference for the industry, developing statistics and analysis of the Italian market and taking responsibility for ensuring information on Italian and European legislation on low-temperature radiant systems is readily available. With scientific communication initiatives, it plans to contribute to the dissemination of information on radiant technology, performance and applications, with the aim of promoting correct use, assisted by the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Padua, Italy with whom the Consortium has signed a collaboration agreement.

Q-RAD lays solid foundations for discussion and collaboration between companies operating in the radiant sector. Eurotherm has believed in Q-RAD from the very beginning, convinced of the value of promoting, enhancing and developing awareness of the benefits of radiant heating and cooling both in a residential and non-residential context, as a tool for enhancing prospects for energy saving and providing the best in thermal comfort.

Christian Pezzei, Managing Director of Eurotherm is the first President of Q-RAD:
"It is important to have a voice independent from company logic that works for the diffusion of a radiant culture"


In the Energy@Home project

A new concept in home living; a "smart" device-to-device information sharing platform aimed at limiting energy consumption. This is the vision and goal of the Energy@home association, of which Eurotherm is proud to be a part. The association is backed by major organisations, including Enel, Telecom Italia and Indesit, and aims to develop a communication infrastructure which would provide value-added services based on the exchange of information on the consumption and use of energy.

The project envisages the use of a common protocol to build an integrated platform which will enable communication between the main devices (e.g. appliances, but also systems) involved in household energy management.
Eurotherm provides 30 years of know-how and experience in the radiant systems market, with an emphasis on intelligent control systems for efficient operation.


Partnership with the ClimateHouse Agency

The ClimateHouse Agency in Bolzano is a public facility (managed and coordinated by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano) that deals with the energy and environmental certification of buildings , providing a classification based on energy consumption. To date over 4,900 buildings have been ClimateHouse certified with more than 900 projects are in the process of certification, across Italy.

The Agency also provides training programmes to the construction industry and promotes initiatives to raise awareness and responsibility of citizens on energy conservation, sustainability and climate change. As a ClimateHouse Partner, Eurotherm participates in efforts to spread these values by developing radiant solutions for healthy and sustainable living, in perfect harmony between man and nature.

Partnership CasaClima

European organisation EU-RAY

Eurotherm is a member of EU-RAY, the European organisation that unites the leading manufacturers of radiant systems. Through a joint effort at international level, the organisation hopes to expand the market for this type of heating and cooling system, while at the same time increasing the technical expertise of its members and information-sharing between companies and countries. Another important EU-RAY objective is to influence European standards within the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and to represent the hydronic radiant market in its relations with the European Commission. Eurotherm participates in working groups and initiatives backed by EU-RAY, contributing its expertise and innovation.


Membership EU-RAY