The radiant consortium Q-RAD

On 29 February 2012 Q-RAD, the Italian Consortium for Manufacturers of Quality Radiant Systems, which brings together some of the most important companies operating in the Italian radiant heating and cooling sector, was founded.

The Consortium aspires to be a valuable point of reference for the industry, developing statistics and analysis of the Italian market and taking responsibility for ensuring information on Italian and European legislation on low-temperature radiant systems is readily available. With scientific communication initiatives, it plans to contribute to the dissemination of information on radiant technology, performance and applications, with the aim of promoting correct use, assisted by the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Padua, Italy with whom the Consortium has signed a collaboration agreement.

Q-RAD lays solid foundations for discussion and collaboration between companies operating in the radiant sector. Eurotherm has believed in Q-RAD from the very beginning, convinced of the value of promoting, enhancing and developing awareness of the benefits of radiant heating and cooling both in a residential and non-residential context, as a tool for enhancing prospects for energy saving and providing the best in thermal comfort.

Christian Pezzei, Managing Director of Eurotherm is the first President of Q-RAD:
"It is important to have a voice independent from company logic that works for the diffusion of a radiant culture"