About us

Our past is the basis for our future

Eurotherm spa have been experts in energy-efficient radiant cooling and heating and systems since 1984.

Eurotherm was among the first in Europe to believe in the sector‘s potential. Ever since, the company has strived to provide high-quality products and services and to foster continuous technological and material innovation. The result is an extensive range of cutting-edge systems and technologies that utilise all surfaces in our homes: floors, ceilings and even walls are transformed into invisible and silent tools of indoor comfort. At the heart of the Eurotherm philosophy lies the concept of efficient comfort. Our aim is meet customer needs using tailor-made and highly versatile solutions that work for both heating and cooling systems, 365 days of the year.

With almost 30 years‘ experience in the radiant systems market, the company can boast thousands of successfully completed projects, including prestigious ventures in Italy and abroad. The company‘s active participation in Italian and European associations, as well as its collaboration with leading universities, such as the University of Padua, has led to substantial development in radiant technology. Advances which have seen the market grow to its current level and confirmed the technology‘s position within the low energy consumption building market.

Eurotherm is a premium brand, offering completive products and services. A concerted effort towards continuous innovation is essential for the group to maintain its competitive edge and to bring new solutions to customers.


Our C.R.E.D.O.

These are the values that we share and which inspire our work every day.

Our past is the basis for our future.
We respect the traditions that have been established in the course of our company‘s history, the land that has allowed us to grow, and the customers, suppliers and partners with whom we have shared our journey. For us, consolidate does not mean looking back, but looking to the future, learning every day.

Responsibility is developing the working environment and the people in it.This is the basis for tackling each new day together. Our place of work; our colleagues, managers and partners; our customers and suppliers; our products; our philosophy and history. Each deserves our full respect. Their collaboration is key for the success of the company.

Growth is creating an idea and turning it into an opportunity.It is this spirit that we bring to everything we do. We passionately believe that expanding our horizons, and opening ourselves up to the study and evaluation of new ideas, proposals and initiatives, is fundamental to the development of our team. They are the challenges that make us grow.

Customer satisfaction is exceeding expectations.Listening to demands and giving our best, both to our customers and to our colleagues, managers and partners. We want to demonstrate, every day, who we are and what we can do, because they have chosen us. Customer satisfaction is exceeding all expectations.

Perfection is knowing we can do better.Every day identifying our weaknesses and strengths, hurdles and opportunities. Needs, goals and expectations change all the time and only through constant self-evaluation can we be sure we are on the right path.

International Development


The international development of the Group began a few years ago, creating the foundations for future growth.

Today, Eurotherm has a presence in Spain, Ireland, Germany and the Czech Republic through its exclusive distributors who have a strong business presence in their native territories. Eurotherm has two overseas subsidiaries. Eurotherm Slovakia, which comprises a technical department and a sales department, including Director of Sales for Eastern European markets, and the recently established Eurotherm France, which has set some ambitious targets for development across France. The group‘s foreign subsidiaries have complete operational and commercial autonomy and work in close synergy with the Italian office.

New branch in Notaresco/Teramo

E Group - Innovation makers

E Group was created in 2010, encompassing Eurotherm, Enetec, Ecoform and the three business units (Ecoen, Eureca, Eurass). Eurotherm was founded in 1984 on the brilliant insight of Cleto Pezzei and a business partner. Their mission in mind: "Create efficient comfort and ensure year-round indoor comfort and energy savings". For almost 30 years, thanks to the essential contributions made by Christian Pezzei, this commitment has been passionately pursued through the development and diffusion of energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling systems. In the last few years, the company has developed into a group, with several companies operating in very specific fields in different countries.

E Group e eurotherm