New Casanova residential district, Bolzano, Italy

Site Description: New residential housing development Casanova (CLE 112): the largest ClimateHouse Class A project undertaken to date
Location: Via Ortles, Bolzano, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy
Area: approx. 8,170 sq m
System: europlus-flex
Designed by: Eng. Marina Bolzan
Installed by: Tecnoimpianti Obrelli & Zorzi Mario

Interview with Eng. Marina Bolzan

The aim of the new development is to provide sustainable living solutions with a strong focus on the intensive use of low-energy-consumption technologies that have minimum environmental impact. Every single unit is to be ClimateHouse certified Class A to ensure maximum winter energy savings (based on gross volume heated).

In the section of the Implementation Plan dedicated to system construction requirements, is recommended the installation of radiant-panel-type air conditioning systems. Radiant cooling systems are able to operate at higher temperatures, maximising the efficiency of the refrigeration units and minimising energy consumption. The flat sheet design of the europlus-flex system matches the schemeā€˜s needs perfectly, ensuring high yields at low operating temperatures.

We are delighted to have contributed to the application of a new urban policy, so-called "quality densification", of which the Casanova development is, to all intents and purposes, the pilot project.

  • 1 - Sistemi radianti per edilizia sociale in CasaClima A
    Sistemi radianti per edilizia sociale in CasaClima A
  • 2 - Sistemi radianti per edilizia sociale in CasaClima A
    Radiant efficiency for ClimateHouse Class A residential housing project