New residence at Garda lake

Site Description: New development of 33 residential units with high-energy-efficiency profile (Class B)
Location: Garda (Verona, Italy)
Area: approx. 1,600 sq m (600 sq m Eurosuper + 1000 sq m Europlus-silentium)
Systems: Eurosuper + Europlus-silentium
Installed by: Melchiori F.lli Snc (Grezzana, Verona)
Designed by: Studio termotecnico Raffaello Petterlini (Verona)
Construction: Ballini Costruzioni (Grezzana, Verona)
Construction management: T.D. Ingegneria (Predazzo, Trentino)

Interview with Eng. Nicolò Tonini (T.D. Ingegneria)

We chose to install a radiant floor for a number of reasons: the advantages in terms of energy savings due to the low temperature of the operating fluid, the fact that the same unit could be used to cool the apartments in summer and for the complete freedom of interior design offered by the radiant system (compared to a traditional radiator system). We chose to work with Eurotherm because of the quality and completeness of their products. The customer‘s primary requirement was to build a high-value development of low-energy holiday apartments offering high thermal comfort levels. Even at the design stage, the Eurotherm brand was regarded as a guarantee of reliability, based on previous experience with the brand. The installation company attested to the quality of the product and its ease of installation. The result was a fully satisfied customer.

  • 1 - pavimento radiante per il comfort
    pavimento radiante per il comfort
  • 2 - pavimento radiante per il comfort
    pavimento radiante per il comfort
  • 3 - pavimento radiante per il comfort