Reconstruction in Emilia-Romagna: the first post-earthquake church

Site Description: New Parish Church in Medolla, Italy. The first permanent church since the 2012 earthquake in Emilia Romagna
Location: Medolla, Italy
Area: approx. 550 sq m
System: Zeromax with Smartcomfort control and dehumidification system
Designed by: Studio A+ of Medolla, Italy - Gavioli Alessio and Tassi Andrea
Installed by: ITM s.r.l. of Medolla, Italy

Interview with the designer Alessio Gavioli

Our parish - I say "our" because I am from Medolla - was very badly damaged during the earthquake of May 2012. It will be difficult to rebuild, at least for the time being. So, with the commitment of the parish priest and the help of benefactors, the parish has decided to build a new church - earthquake-proof and modern in both its structure and installations.

At the structural level we opted for a solution using wood, glass and the latest generation materials. Obviously, this meant we had to find innovative solutions for the installations as well. Hence our decision to fit a Eurotherm "Zeromax" radiant floor. A system that meets our requirements in terms of energy saving, low inertia and fast installation. The system is completed with the installation of the latest generation Smartcomfort control system and Eurotherm dehumidification system. Finally, our structural and installation choices allowed us to respect build times and add a technological touch to our new Church which was inaugurated on 29/05/2013 as planned. The residents of Medolla have a social meeting point again, which is extremely important to the community.

  • 1 - Pavimento radiante a zero spessore per la nuova chiesa di Medolla
    Original church damaged by the earthquake
  • 2 - Pavimento radiante a zero spessore per la nuova chiesa di Medolla
    The old bell tower
  • 3 - Eurass technicians installing the Zeromax system
    Eurass technicians installing the Zeromax system
  • 4 - Zeromax zero-thickness radiant floor
    Radiant floor in Church