Selection guide

Why choose a radiant system?

When you choose one of our floor, ceiling or wall heating systems, you are choosing affordability, quality and reliability. Our systems offer complete indoor comfort, creating even temperatures throughout the home, come summer or winter. Radiant heating and cooling systems also offer excellent health benefits. Furthermore, radiant technology is the ideal solution for increasing the energy efficiency of your home. The system‘s low running temperatures translate into energy savings and cost savings.

Comfort = Energy savings

Eurotherm radiant heating systems run at low temperatures, yielding considerable energy savings through reduced consumption. As the entire floor, or walls, of the room act as one giant heating surface, radiant systems require lower water temperatures, on average between 30-40°C. These are best conditions for using condensing boilers, heat pumps or solar energy systems. Since heat is spread evenly throughout the room, perceived thermal comfort is achieved at 19°C rather than the 21°C typically required in traditional radiator systems. Furthermore, the low overall temperature of the system reduces heat loss to a minimum, providing further energy and cost savings.

Heat diffusion with radiators Heat diffusion with a radiant system

Dual function:
heating and cooling

Eurotherm radiant systems provide uninterrupted comfort. Advanced settings keep step with the seasons to ensure optimum comfort conditions whatever the weather. In winter, the system heats the room through the hot water circulating around the radiant circuits according to the climatic conditions of the room, thus maintaining the desired temperature. Similarly in summer, but in reverse, heat is transferred from the room to the cold water circulating in the circuit pipes.

A cleaner, healthier

An even air temperature prevents the generation of annoying air currents, the cause of airborne dust in radiator-heated environments. Eliminating air currents creates a healthier and more hygienic environment. A contained air temperature also provides considerable benefits to the comfort and well-being of occupants since cooler air is less dry, which is better for the respiratory system. Therefore a room heated using a Eurotherm radiant system is perfect for allergy sufferers, the elderly or those in poor health (hospitals) and children (schools and homes) due to its improved hygiene performance.

Interior design flexibility

Living areas are free from radiators, providing maximum usable space and lots of interior design flexibility. The result is a gain in aesthetics and interior design. Silent and invisible, a radiant system fits seamlessly into any living environment. This is particularly important in buildings of high historical and artistic value, such as churches and castles, or structures of architectural significance, where the presence of radiators may compromise the balance of forms. Finally, with careful planning, a radiant floor system can be used with any kind of floor covering, including parquet.


While traditional radiators and/or convection heaters require periodic cleaning and painting, radiant panel systems require little or no maintenance, primarily due to the tubing used for the rings, which is plastic, and therefore not subject to wear due to corrosion.

In comparison with more traditional systems, the radiant system eliminates the old problem of cleaning behind the radiators and the need for frequent repainting.

Towards Class A

  • Saves up to 12% of energy and operating costs compared to traditional systems
  • Can be used with several different heat sources, but most efficient with renewable sources
  • Integrated control system guarantees
    total comfort