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The integrated solution

heating + cooling + air renewal
Working together like the perfect team, the Smartcontrol display communicates via the latest generation electronic "brain" (Smartbase) installed in the distribution box or the switchboard.
  • 100% made in Italy

Year-round comfort

Problem area auto-recognition
Every room is unique in its characteristics and energy needs. The control unit recognises the area with the greater demand for energy, automatically setting the system parameters to meet it. In addition, as climatic conditions change, the unit redefines the problem area in real time.
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Stylish yet simple and intuitive
One smart device, two classic looks: the unit‘s smartdisplay is available in two colours - white and black. The stylish graphics and light-up screen add a touch of elegance to any room. The attractive, innovative design is intuitive and simple to use.
The Smartcomfort design

Energy saving

Minimum energy consumption
To ensure comfort when you need it, the control unit starts and stops the system according to whether movement is detected in the room. Thanks to this "Optimum Start-Stop" feature, the set temperature is reached at exactly the right time, preventing unnecessary energy consumption and any drop in comfort levels: cutting-edge comfort management.
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Risparmio energetico
Touch interface
To activate the Smartcomfort unit, simply lightly touch the surface of the display. Command icons immediately appear on the screen that let you view data for each room and activate the lock settings function once you have set your desired parameters.
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Customised comfort
The perfect temperature 365 days a year
The digital control unit monitors the system and manages the temperature and humidity. In just a few simple steps you can set up your desired temperature settings to ensure customised comfort for every room in the house and for every season.
Optimised for radiant technology
Minimum energy consumption
Auto-recognition probe
Modbus connection
Automatic heating curve correction
Optimum start/stop
Choose a style to suit your home
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