Standard UNI EN 1264

Standard UNI EN 1264


The interpretation of technical standards can sometimes lead to different understandings resulting in time losses and unpleasant misunderstandings between operators in the industry. In order to provide greater clarity, Eurotherm has decided to provide a summary below of the regulations set out in UNI EN 1264.


First of all, let us establish the scope of UNI EN 1264. In the summary on p. I of IV of UNI EN 1264-1:1999 "Floor heating: Systems and components. Definitions and symbols" is as follows:

"The standard specifies the main definitions and the corresponding symbols relating to hot-water floor-heating systems used in residential buildings or similar."

From which it can be inferred that the rules laid down by UNI EN 1264 for floor systems apply to residential buildings or similar. However, on the following pages (p.1 of 3 UNI EN 1264-1) we also find:

"This European Standard applies to hot-water floor-heating systems in residential buildings, offices and other buildings, the use of which corresponds to or is similar to that of residential buildings."

In summary, all floor systems installed in residential and/or similar buildings (e.g. hotels, retirement colleges, boarding schools, convents, barracks, etc.), as well as offices, are subject to this standard.

UNI EN 1264-1:2011

UNI EN 1264-1:2011 defines the scope and terms that appear in subsequent parts of the standard; an updated version is anticipated.

UNI EN 1264-2:2013

UNI EN 1264-2:2013 is the part that characterises the product since it provides the tools to determine the performance of the radiant floor system.

UNI EN 1264-3:2009

UNI EN 1264-3:2009 is the part of the standard that offers help in dimensioning the radiant surface system. The updated version contains advice on how to design a cooling-only system, as well as a combined heating/cooling system.

UNI EN 1264-4:2009

UNI EN 1264-4:2009is the part that offers help on the installation of radiant surface systems. It details the minimum material requirements to be used with a radiant surface system and the requirements that have to be met for successful installation.

UNI EN 1264-5:2009

UNI EN 1264-5:2009 is a new part introduced to provide a means of calculating the thermal output of wall and ceiling heating surfaces, and the heat removal capacity of wall, ceiling and floor cooling systems.