Standard UNI EN 1264

UNI EN 1264 applies to heating systems that consist of closed loops of plastic tubing through which hot water produced by a heat generator circulates. The circuits are embedded in the floor screed of the rooms to be heated and supplied by one or more distribution manifolds. The position of the manifold is crucial to the system operating efficiently; it must be as central as possible with respect to the layout of the rooms. Before the tubing can be laid the supporting panel must first be installed. The thermal characteristics of the panel must be such as to ensure compliance with the insulation requirements imposed by the regulations on floor systems. If constructed from a material of poor insulation capacity, the panel must be relatively thick; if the material has high insulation quality, the thickness can be reduced.

Downwards insulation according to UNI EN 1264 Part 4 Paragraph

When installing a floor system, panel thicknesses must take into account:

  • dimensions of the insulation panel according to UNI EN 1264-4
  • diameter of the tubing
  • thickness of the screed
  • thickness of the flooring

These thicknesses must be considered net of laying the hydraulic and/or electrical tubing and therefore excluding the layer of levelling that is usually added to cover the tubes.