Project Expert

Who are the Eurotherm Experts?

Nowadays, it is increasingly important to be able to rely on qualified personnel who can answer questions, provide advice on choosing the right system and guide purchases from start to finish.

Eurotherm created the Expert installer team to ensure the highest levels of quality and professionalism in the installation of its high-performance radiant heating and cooling systems.

Chi sono gli Eurotherm Experts?

Chi sono gli Eurotherm Experts?

Eurotherm Experts are expert qualified installers, always informed of the latest in technology, standards and products through our high-profile training programme. Our primary objective is to meet the needs of our customers who wish to live their lives in the comfort of a Eurotherm radiant system. Trust it to the Experts and let us guide you through the vast range of Eurotherm radiant solutions to find the one that best suits your needs: be it a floor, ceiling or wall system. All our systems can operate as heaters or coolers, replacing old radiators and air conditioners in a single solution.

"Because quality is part of our job!"


  • Technical expertise and professionalism.
  • Before and after sales support and flexibility.
  • Speed and efficiency.
  • Customised solutions tailored to the customer.
  • Cutting-edge, guaranteed quality radiant components and temperature control.
  • Systems that are safe and certified in accordance with European Standards.

The result are systems which are installed properly in full compliance with existing laws and regulations. Eurotherm radiant systems offer efficient operation, high thermal performance and low energy consumption, meeting the needs and expectations of customers who choose to live in a healthy, comfortable environment. At any time of the day, at home or in the office, at the gym or in church...

Join the Team!

Eurotherm launched its PARTNER EXPERT programme with the dual objective of strengthening ties with the best system professionals in the thermal-hydraulic industry and offering end customers a network of highly-qualified and reliable engineering personnel.

Joining the EXPERT programme means marketing cutting-edge, high-performance radiant solutions through the EUROTHERM brand, and capitalising on the extensive know-how that we have gained over the course of our 30 years in the market.


  • A partnership with Eurotherm, one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of radiant systems.
  • Access to Eurotherm know-how of radiant system installation.
  • Enjoy a raised company profile thanks to targeted marketing efforts by Eurotherm.
  • Boost business through contacts generated by Eurotherm
  • Receive targeted training to become a specialist
  • Make use of tailored and professional help for marketing and communications.

The aim of the EUROTHERM EXPERT programme is to promote the partnership and become stronger TOGETHER, with the motto "More value for your business!". More value means more communication, more assistance and more success. This is made possible by a strategy of coordinated communication and synergies aimed at increasing the visibility of both parties to end consumers.

As with any partnership, it is a MUTUAL COMMITMENT, which for the thermal-hydraulic company means, first and foremost, a commitment to participate actively in the specialised training provided by Eurotherm in order to become a Eurotherm Expert in radiant technology.


  • Participate in training courses organised by Eurotherm
  • Follow up contacts generated through various marketing activities (website/magazines/trade fairs etc.)
  • Install Eurotherm radiant systems and components and promote the Eurotherm brand
  • Create mutually beneficial business relationships
  • Promote a high quality of standard of techniques, procedures and materials

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