Life long warranty


To guarantee our Clients’ safety and peacefulness, Eurotherm has entered into the proper insurance covers with ITAS
Mutua in order to protect our clients’ interest. The warranty includes:

  • A product liability insurance, without any temporal limitation, on all products and throughout the entire duration of the contract, for flaws due to imperfect production, assembly and/or planning, instruction and packaging against damages accidentally caused to Third parties.
    The covered limit of liability are: per accident € 10.000.000,00
  • A business liability insurance against Third parties and on all the maintenance and installation works fulfilled by Eurotherm (Eurass) expert staff.
    The covered limit of liability are: per accident, limit per person and limit per damage to goods € 10.000.000,00
    The coverage is valid whether the accident is alerted within 24 months from the pressurization with plant tightness test.