A world of services

Eurotherm boasts a full range of activities and services that provide support to industry professionals and are always "on side" with the end user, with the aim being to create effective and efficient systems that save energy. The services offered by Eurotherm cover all aspects of system implementation: from support during the design phase, to training on radiant systems, on-site assistance, system installation, energy and acoustic audits of building and thermal imaging surveys, to monitor the operation of the system.


The company‘s vocational training centre, Eurotherm Academy, has the important task of ensuring the technology and experience gained in the company‘s 30 years of operation in the radiant sector is fed back into the industry. These initiatives offer installers, heat engineering designers, architects and other new professionals from all over Italy, training programmes developed according to their actual needs, to help them make the best decisions in their work every day.

For us at Eurotherm, training is more than a value, it‘s a "vocation"!

Designer course

Efficient home design is the 2013 focus of Eurotherm courses for design professionals. The programme has been completely updated and takes into account all aspects of radiant comfort, from the initial design phase of systems in line with current regulations, to the construction and/or renovation of buildings with low energy consumption.

Installer course

Key topics include the strengths of radiant heating and cooling systems, with particular focus on the specific requirements of conversions, air handling, adjustment and a comparison of the sales strategies to end user. In the final part of the course, considerable time is dedicated to practical demonstrations and useful tips to help solve potential site issues.

3,000 projects in 365 days

Eurotherm services begin upstream of the project. Our design support means trusted professional-to-professional advice. At Eurotherm, an entire department is dedicated to providing these services: qualified operators with extensive design experience carefully guide the customer in choosing the best radiant heating and cooling system for their needs; taking into account the actual characteristics of the installation environment and the special needs of end users, from first contact to preparation of the materials list. The team‘s work is structured so as to minimise response times and maximise results, devoting the same amount of attention to the small projects as to the large projects. A free, but highly valuable service. One in which Eurotherm strongly believes, and which translates into an average of 3,000 projects every year.