Patented Radiant floor system for the strong fixing of pipeline
  • Self-adhesive edge increases installation speed by reducing the need for butt joint tape
  • Aluminized sheathing prevents clip movement
  • Patented system for fixing the clip into only 10 mm thickness of EPS insulation plate
  • Adhesive fund for a maximum grip to the screed or other insulating

Europlus-ten radiant system


Sistema di riscaldamento e raffrescamento a pavimento a basso spessore Eurotherm europlus-ten

Europlus-ten is a very low thickness radiant system completely of own patent.
Thanks to its 10 mm thickness can be used both in cases of minimum dimensions (e.g. restructuring) or coupled with an underlying layer of existing insulation (EPS, XPS, fiberglass).


1. Special clip
2. Aluminized multilayer sheathing
3. EPS insulation
4. Self-adhesive edge

The clip of the Europlus-ten system was specially designed to have the maximum grip on the 10 mm insulation .




The self-adhesive edge makes it easy to couple Europlus-ten panel with other types of insulation plates.


Life long warranty
Assicurazione ITAS a vita su tutti i prodotti Eurotherm

Eurotherm radiant systems are now more secure than ever with our life long warranty. Eurotherm has extended its warranty for original defects or faults to the lifetime of the radiant system on all products in the range.
  • Insurance without time limit on all Eurotherm products for fabric, manufacturing, assembly and/or design defects, regarding unintentional damages caused to third parties.
  • Third-party liability for all installation and maintenance works carried out by Eurotherm specialist staff.

Complete packages recommended for this system
Now that you‘ve found a solution, you can choose the complete component and accessory package that best suits your needs from the options below.
Package Description
Europlus-ten + hot/climate control Europlus-ten radiant heating system, smartcomfort, Elite black-line Command Duo with high temperature unit
Europlus-ten + hot/cold/air Europlus-ten heating/cooling system, smartcomfort control, Command Mix and air treatment unit
Complete system components
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2 - Distribution
  • Collettore SL 1"
    Elite black-line manifold
    SF | S Series manifold

3 - Regulation
  • Command Mix
    Vertical set-point
    SF Series Command Duo
  • Elite black-line Command Duo
    Nuova Compamat
    Mini compamat

4 - Air treatment
  • Ecoclima DC
    DC dehumidifying air conditioner
    D dehumidifier
    Built-in dehumidifying air conditioner
  • Built-in dehumidifier
    Trattamento aria VMC
    VMC 120 SV / VMC 240 SV
    Trattamento aria Deuclima-VMC 300 V / 500 V
    Deuclima-VMC 300 V / 500 V
  • Trattamento aria Deuclima-VMC DEU-REC 450 S
    Deuclima-VMC Deu-Rec 450 S
    Trattamento aria Deu-climatizzatore DCR 1000 / DCR 2000
    Deu-climatizzatore con recuperatore attivo DCR 1000 / DCR 2000