Special zero-thickness radiant floor system. Ideal for renovation projects and prefabricated homes. Installation carried out by specialist Eurass technicians - Klimahouse Trend Award 2014!
  • Special zero-thickness radiant floor system
  • Ideal solution in dry construction
  • Radiant floor system with very low thermal inertia
  • Installation carried out by specialist Eurass technicians

The ideal radiant system for renovation projects












Zero thickness
Zero drying time
Zero dust from milling
Max integration 
Max installation speed

Max freedom in choice of the flooring

Zeromax is a floor heating system obtained by milling the paving support in such a way you can insert the pipes into the milling grooves so created. It is ideal for all those cases requiring a pose that perfectly integrates into the rooms. It's suitable for specific design requirements where a traditional thick system would lead to serious installation problems. The floor-base milling is carried out by specialist Eurass technicians.

Zeromax system can be realized on plaster-fiber plate, given the following premises: under the plate there must be an insulation panel (in a layer or several layers) with thermal resistance greater than or equal to the value prescribed by standard UNI EN 1264-4.


1. Plaster-fiber plate
2. Insulating sheet
3. Screed



Four types of Zeromax for any application: from dry installation to renovations


Zeromax Zeromax R Zeromax G Zeromax M
riscaldamento a pavimento riscaldamento a pavimento riscaldamento a pavimento riscaldamento a pavimento
covering at your choice
(parquet, tiles)*
covering at your choice
(parquet, tiles)*
covering at your choice
(parquet, tiles)*
covering at your choice
(parquet, tiles)*
+ + + +
Traditional screed Röfix Livellina Röfix FN615 thickness ≥ 15 mm Plaster-fiber plate
thickness ≥ 25 mm
self-levelling screed
thickness ≥ 35 mm

recommended Röfix ZS20
    + +
    optional insulation
optional insulation

* check with the supplier the most suitable coating and the application mode.


The radiant system that‘s quick and easy to install


Nuova tubazione MidiX Plus Zeromax 15x1,5 mm
Nuova tubazione MidiX Plus Zeromax 15x1,5 mm in rotolo con svolgitubo  

Con la posa della nuova tubazione Midix Plus Zeromax 15x1,5 mm è possibile avere più quantità d’acqua nel tubo e quindi più portata paragonabile a una tubazione MidiX Plus di diametro 16x2; si agevola così la possibilità di posare circuiti con lunghezza degli anelli maggiori, e avere minor attacchi sul collettore.


The radiant system that‘s quick and easy to install




With the aid of a special milling machine, the pipes channels can be cut directly into the supporting floor base.

Pipes installation

The MidiX Plus Zeromax pipe can then be housed, quickly and easily, into the already cut channels.

Covering the system

Once the pipe has been installed, all that remains is to choose a flooring material (parquet, tiles, etc.).


Lifetime warranty!
Assicurazione ITAS a vita su tutti i prodotti Eurotherm

Eurotherm radiant systems are now more secure than ever with our life long warranty. Eurotherm has extended its warranty for original defects or faults to the lifetime of the radiant system on all products in the range.
  • Insurance without time limit on all Eurotherm products for fabric, manufacturing, assembly and/or design defects, regarding unintentional damages caused to third parties.
  • Third-party liability for all installation and maintenance works carried out by Eurotherm specialist staff.

Success stories

Complete packages recommended for this system
Now that you‘ve found a solution, you can choose the complete component and accessory package that best suits your needs from the options below.
Package Description
Zeromax + hot/climate control Zeromax radiant heating system, Smartcomfort, Elite black-line Command Duo with high temperature unit
Zeromax + hot/cold/air Zeromax heating/cooling system, smartcomfort control, Command Mix and air treatment unit
Complete system components
1 - You have chosen the "Zeromax"
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build your own package

2 - Distribution
  • Collettore SL 1"
    Elite black-line manifold
    SF | S Series manifold

3 - Regulation
  • Smartcomfort
    Command Mix
    Elite black-line Command Duo
  • SF Series Command Duo
    Vertical set-point
    Nuova Compamat
    Mini compamat

4 - Air treatment
  • DCA dehumidifying air conditioner
    Ecoclima DC
    DC dehumidifying air conditioner
    D dehumidifier
  • Built-in dehumidifying air conditioner
    Built-in dehumidifier
    Aria pulita, sempre!
    Deuclima-VMC senza compressore
  • Aria pulita, sempre!
    Deuclima VMC con compressore