Built-in dehumidifier

DI wall-mounted dehumidifier

The built-in dehumidifier is a refrigeration-cycle dehumidifier. Its operation is based on the physical principle that when air comes into contact with a very cold surface, the moisture in the air will settle on the surface, producing moisture in the form of drops of condensation. In practice, a refrigerating unit keeps a finned coil (heat exchanger) cold. Air is then drawn over the coil and cooled and dehumidified. The air then passes over a hot heat exchanger and heats up. If the after-cooling circuit is connected to cold water, the air cools slightly and returns to the room dehumidified and approximately at the inlet temperature.

Technical specifications

Average rated power consumption (at 26°C, 55% R.U.) 390 W
Maximum power consumption (at 32°C, 95% R.U.)

450 W

Max. current consumption (at 32°C, 95% R.U.) F.L.A.

3.0 A

Starting current F.L.A.

20.0 A

Airflow (with clean filter)

320 m3/h

Sound pressure level, SPL (at 3 m in free field)

34 dB (A)

R134a refrigerant

360 g

}Defrost control


IN/OUT water connections

3/8" M

Operating range (temperature, R.U.)

10-32°C, 45-98%

Rated condensation capacity (30°C - 80%) 36 l/g
Weight with formwork excluding grille 34 kg
Cooling water flow (inlet temp. 15°C) 180 l/h
Cooling water pressure drop 12 kPa
Dimensions WxHxD 730x732x203 mm
Dimensions of front wooden grille (options) WxHxD

830 x 830 x 20 mm

Condensed moisture at different temperatures and relative humidity

Relative humidity

With water at 16°C 14 l/g 19 l/g 16 l/g 22 l/g 26 l/g 34 l/g
With water at 18C 11 l/g 16 l/g 13 l/g 18 l/g 22 l/g 31 l/g

Long life warranty
Assicurazione ITAS a vita su tutti i prodotti Eurotherm

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    The covered limit of liability are: per accident € 10.000.000,00
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    The covered limit of liability are: per accident, limit per person and limit per damage to goods € 10.000.000,00
    The coverage is valid whether the accident is alerted within 24 months from the pressurization with plant tightness test.