Built-in dehumidifying air conditioner

DCI wall-mounted dehumidifying air conditioner

The built-in dehumidifying air conditioner is a refrigeration-cycle dehumidifier. Its operation is based on the physical principle that when air comes into contact with a very cold surface, the moisture in the air will settle on the surface, producing moisture in the form of drops of condensation. In practice, a refrigerating unit keeps a finned coil (evaporator) cold. Air is then drawn over the coil and cooled and dehumidified. Subsequently, if the unit is operating in cooling mode, air is released into the room at a temperature lower than the input temperature. If, on the other hand, the unit is operating in dehumidifying mode, the air passes over a hot heat exchanger (condenser), the post-cooler, and is returned to the room dehumidified and at a temperature about equal to the starting value. In order to operate correctly, the unit must be connected to a cold-water hydraulic circuit (T=16°C).

Technical specifications

Average rated power consumption (at 26°C, 55% R.U.) 390 W
Maximum power consumption (at 32°C, 95% R.U.)

450 W

Max. current consumption (at 32°C, 95% R.U.) F.L.A.

3.0 A

Starting current F.L.A.

20.0 A

Airflow (with clean filter)

320 m3/h

Sound pressure level, SPL (at 3 m in free field)

34 dB (A)

R134a refrigerant

360 g

Defrost control


Unit connection for condensation drain

¾" M

Operating range (temperature, R.U.)

10-32°C, 45-98%

Cooling capacity in cooling mode 1600 W
Dimensions WxHxD 730 x 730 x 203 mm
Cooling water flow (inlet temp. 16°C) 260 l/h
unit water connections for cooling 3/8" M
Cooling water pressure drop 25 kPa
Dimensions of front wooden grille (optional) WxHxD

830 x 830 x 20 mm

Condensed moisture at different temperatures and relative humidity

Relative humidity

With water at 16°C 14 l/g 19 l/g 16 l/g 22 l/g 26 l/g 34 l/g
With water at 18°C 11 l/g 16 l/g 13 l/g 18 l/g 22 l/g 31 l/g

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