Nuova Compamat

Mini compamat

climatic control
  • High efficiency Circulators
  • High-linearity mixer to optimize comfort
  • Insulating shell
  • Very compact size

The Mini Compamat is a complete climatic temperature control system that meets the highest standards of comfort and energy savings. Its compact size means it can be housed in a box (depth 150 mm), or elsewhere if space is at a premium.

Mini Compamat, compatible with the new Eurotherm control system smartcomfort

Insulating shell for Mini Compamat.
Depth dimensions: 165 mm

(including shell)

Lifetime warranty!
Assicurazione ITAS a vita su tutti i prodotti Eurotherm

Eurotherm radiant systems are now more secure than ever with our life long warranty. Eurotherm has extended its warranty for original defects or faults to the lifetime of the radiant system on all products in the range.


  • Insurance without time limit on all Eurotherm products for fabric, manufacturing, assembly and/or design defects, regarding unintentional damages caused to third parties.


  • Third-party liability for all installation and maintenance works carried out by Eurotherm specialist staff.