Ecoclima DC

DC dehumidifying air conditioner

Built-in ceiling-mounted DC dehumidifying air conditioner


The Ecoclima DC is an innovative built-in ceiling-mounted dehumidifying air conditioner with no compressor or refrigeration cycle which can be used to control room temperature, when necessary, by cooling the treated air using approximately 1 kW of sensible power.
Dehumidification is achieved using chilled water as the dehumidification source, at a nominal input temperature of 11.5°C, and forced air circulation to enhance the condensation capacity.
The result is a dew point about 1.5°C higher than the temperature of the input fluid and numerous advantages in terms of energy savings and comfort in comparison with traditional dehumidifiers.


  • No vibrations since there is no compressor.

  • Low noise, coming only from the movement of the air. A nominal flow rate of about 300 m3/h which can be reduced for quieter operation (night-time setting). The machine is equipped with a silencer so as not to exceed a sound pressure level of 35 dB (at 3 m in free field).

  • Electrical consumption reduced by about 1/10 compared to traditional dehumidifiers with the same condensation capacity.

  • Increases performance if humidity starts to rise or the water temperature falls, even by just 1°C (system converges to desired conditions).

  • Low maintenance - just remove the condensate trap. Does not require lateral ‘buffer zones‘.

  • Uses a standard water cooler running at maximum efficiency since it can be used with input/output temperatures of 16/11°C respectively.
  • Cooling mode available. Air is cooled using approximately just 1 kW of sensible power.

Operation of the DC dehumidifying air conditioner

The unit‘s performance is achieved through a system of heat exchangers and a chilled water coil. The incoming air is initially chilled in an air-to-air exchanger which reduces the temperature of the air to about 6°C, approaching dew point conditions. The thus pretreated air can then be dehumidified simply by using a chilled water coil at a temperature of about 12°C. Making an analogy with a traditional dehumidifier with a refrigeration cycle, the combination of the two exchangers replaces the effect generated by the evaporator, allowing the same dehumidification capacity as with a refrigeration cycle but with considerable savings in electricity consumption due to the absence of a compressor. The temperature of the air at the outlet of the exchanger is about 1.5°C higher than the input temperature of the cooling liquid. At this point, the air is too cold to be put back into the room without causing thermal shock (split effect) and is therefore heated in an air-to-air exchanger, absorbing heat from the input air. Continuing with our analogy with a refrigeration cycle, the exchanger represents the condenser, with the difference that, in this case, the heat produced by the compressor doesn‘t have to be dumped, to the benefit of energy efficiency. If the cooling function is enabled, the dehumidified air flows over a water coil to remove a total of about 1 kW of sensible power. At this point, the treated air enters the room dehumidified and, if required, cooled. The unit has been designed to operate with water at 11.5°C. The following table shows the performance obtained at this temperature and at temperatures 1°C above and below.

Input water at 11.5°C

Room temp. R.U. 55% R.U. 60% R.U. 65%
25°C 18.3 23.1 26.7
26°C 21.2 27.1 34.2

Input water at 10.5°C

Room temp. R.U. 55% R.U. 60% R.U. 65%
25°C 20.5 25.5 30.0
26°C 24.2 30.4 37.5

Input water at 12.5°C

Room temp. R.U. 55% R.U. 60% R.U. 65%
25°C 16.0 20.8 24.2
26°C 18.5 24.7 31.0

Airflow and noise (3 m in free field) at different fan speeds and different compressions

Airflow for different back pressures
Back pressure: 10 Pa 10 Pa 10 Pa 10 Pa
Fan speed / dB(A)
Speed 1 / 26 dB(A) 240 220 - -
Speed 2 / 30 dB(A) 270 240 220 180
Speed 3 / 32 dB(A) 330 300 250 220
Speed 4 / 35 dB(A) 350 320 310 260
Speed 5 / 37 dB(A) 400 350 340 300

Variation in performance (condensed water) with varying airflow

Coefficient of Variation in performance with varying airflow
Airflow: 200 m3/h 250 m3/h 300 m3/h 350 m3/h
Coeff. Perform. 0.88 0.95 1.00 1.05

Long life warranty
Assicurazione ITAS a vita su tutti i prodotti Eurotherm

To guarantee our Clients’ safety and peacefulness, Eurotherm has entered into the proper insurance covers with ITAS
Mutua in order to protect our clients’ interest. The warranty includes:

  • A product liability insurance, without any temporal limitation, on all products and throughout the entire duration of the contract, for flaws due to imperfect production, assembly and/or planning, instruction and packaging against damages accidentally caused to Third parties.
    The covered limit of liability are: per accident € 10.000.000,00
  • A business liability insurance against Third parties and on all the maintenance and installation works fulfilled by Eurotherm (Eurass) expert staff.
    The covered limit of liability are: per accident, limit per person and limit per damage to goods € 10.000.000,00
    The coverage is valid whether the accident is alerted within 24 months from the pressurization with plant tightness test.