Acoustic ceiling high efficency

Heating and cooling radiant ceiling high efficency system composed of a acoustic plasterboar plate coupled to an acoustic plasterboar plate with graphite
  • Wide active surface
  • Double acoustic panel
  • High cooling performance
  • Allows the reduction of pollutants in the air

The high efficency radiant acoustic comfort


Soffitto radiante acustico alta resa

Double acoustic panel with graphite

The versatile acoustic ceiling system can be used for a wide range of applications.

The system is composed of modular plasterboard panel with pre-inserted MidiX Plus tubing coupled to another modular plasterboard panel with graphite. The active plasterboard panel is supplied coupled.

Sistema radiante a soffitto acustico alta resa con cartongesso con grafite
1. Packed wool panel (not included)
2. Acoustic plasterboard panel complete with MidiX Plus tubing
3. Acoustic felt

4. Acoustic plasterboard panel with graphite



  Soffitto acustico alta resa con grafite
     High efficency radiant acoustic ceiling
  Plasterboard acoustic panel coupled
  to a plasterboard acoustic panel
  with graphite.
  MidiX Plus tubing at 10x1,3 mm




Acoustic performance

Thanks to the double acoustic plasterboard sheet, this system combines the benefits of climate comfort due to a radiant ceiling system, with a high absorbing power which eliminates all those noisy environmental reverb phenomena.


Lowering: a = 200 mm | b = 60 mm
Acoustic reduction values related to the single absorbing panel (data sheet Knauf).




Cleaner air


  The particular panel composition consists in a core of plaster and zeolite, i.e. a porous, natural rock that allows a significant reduction of the pollutants concentration in the air (smoke, smell of cooking, aromatic hydrocarbons, Benzene, etc.).  



Maximum connection tightness over time

sistema di collegamento rinforzato senza O-ring

The use of special O-ring-free connections with the 10x1.3 mm tubing ensures maximum tightness over time and reduces load losses.


 1. Fitting with reinforced rings
 2. Capped terminal with reinforced rings


Life long warranty
Assicurazione ITAS a vita su tutti i prodotti Eurotherm

Eurotherm radiant systems are now more secure than ever with our life long warranty. Eurotherm has extended its warranty for original defects or faults to the lifetime of the radiant system on all products in the range.
  • Insurance without time limit on all Eurotherm products for fabric, manufacturing, assembly and/or design defects, regarding unintentional damages caused to third parties.
  • Third-party liability for all installation and maintenance works carried out by Eurotherm specialist staff.

Complete packages recommended for this system
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Package Description
Acoustic high efficency ceiling + hot/climate control Acoustic high efficency ceiling heating system, Smartcomfort, Elite black-line Command Duo with high temperature unit
Acoustic high efficency ceiling + hot/climate control Acoustic high efficency ceiling heating system, Smartcomfort, Elite black-line Command Duo with high temperature unit
Complete system components
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2 - Distribution
  • Collettore SL 1"
    Elite black-line manifold
    SF | S Series manifold

3 - Regulation
  • Command Mix
    Elite black-line Command Duo
    SF Series Command Duo
  • Vertical set-point
    Nuova Compamat
    Mini compamat

4 - Air treatment
  • Ecoclima DC
    DC dehumidifying air conditioner
    D dehumidifier
    Built-in dehumidifying air conditioner
  • Built-in dehumidifier