Air treatment

The advantages

Installing a high-performance DCA unit provides you with an integrated solution for intelligent energy use, which can contribute significantly to raising the level of efficiency of your entire home. Capable of recovering up to 75% of energy from water and air, the DCA integrates perfectly with a Eurotherm radiant system.

The DCA dehumidifying-air conditioning system

In fresh air from outside
In air to be dehumidified and cooled
Out dehumidified, cool air
Out stale air to the outside

  • No vibrations since there is no compressor.
  • Low noise, coming only from the movement of the air.
  • Reduced electrical consumption.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Uses a standard water cooler.
  • Cooling mode available.
  • Heat recovery system for integrated air renewal and dehumidifying air conditioning unit.

Silencer for acoustic comfort

The nominal flow rate of the system is about 300 m3/h which can be reduced for quieter operation (night-time setting). The machine is equipped with a silencer in order not to exceed a sound pressure level of 35 dB (at 3 m in free field);

Intelligent comfort with Smartcomfort control

In cooling mode, the seamless integration of Smartcomfort control technology with the Ecoclima DCA dehumidifying air conditioner keeps humidity levels under control, maintains the desired summer temperature and ensures air renewal throughout the home. The special motorised shutters ensure comfort in every single room.

With the aid of smartair, it‘s possible to ‘communicate‘ with the dehumidifying air conditioner and at the same time control opening and closing of the motorised shutters..